There are so many different things that define the city of Toronto. To some it's the largest city in Canada and the centre of business and finance for the country. For others it's a place with endless entertainment and cultural options to enjoy any night of the week. And for 2.6 million people it's the place that they call home. This is the city of neighbourhoods where there are more than two hundred different smaller communities that you can be a part of. And you can always move among them as you're on your way to work or attending a class at one of the three universities, or bringing your kids out to the theatre.

When choosing a home in Toronto, there are so many different options at your fingertips, from lofts in Yorkville to townhomes in Rosedale. Real estate heavyweights are even now saying that this is a competitive market but there are still great deals to be had in many sectors of the city. But the style of home that is most on the rise in this metropolis has to be the modern condominium. They have been present on the market in Toronto based for a few decades now and when viewing the city skyline it's easy to see that this trend is only gaining momentum.

A condominium is a complex or building that sells individual homes or units and reserves the collective spaces to be owned by the whole community living inside. They gained in popularity in city centres because they provided relatively economical living options for those that wanted to be right downtown. Now you will find that your mortgage loan can get you a unit in an apartment-style building at Yonge and Eglinton, a loft-style home on King West or a condo townhouse in the Annex. There are so many different options to choose from.

From first-time buyers to those empty nesters looking to downsize to a smaller property, there are people at all different stages of life and with all kinds of lifestyles that are now choosing to live in a condo opposed to renting or owning a standalone property. If you're working in Toronto right downtown and you want an easy commute to work there are lots of new buildings and resale units to choose from. On the other hand, if you're looking for a family home with outdoor space and a little more privacy than you may be interested in a townhome with a little more of a commute, say from Mississauga or Brampton.

We here at Condominiums Toronto are here to answer any questions that you might have about condo living in this amazing city. When you're in the real estate market for the first time you may not feel comfortable asking a million questions right off the bat. But here you can find out about everything from what you're getting when paying condo fees to reviews of individual buildings across the city. We can help you decide if owning a condo is the right choice for you and then help you find that perfect property. Before you even start looking at Toronto properties, investigate your mortgage options first to see if and how much you qualify for. Morcan Direct is a great place to start!

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