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If you ask people why they have chosen to live in condos rather than standard homes, one of the top answers will usually be the convenience of the location. Those who have tried to drive around a large metropolis to get from work or to pick up the kids will tell you that it can be quite the struggle. But there are actually many manageable transportation options throughout the GTA for those living in various condo locations.

Condos in the downtown core in areas like the Entertainment District, Yorkville, and Yonge and Eglinton are popular because they are right along the subway line. There are also dozens of streetcar routes that cater to many condo neighbourhoods and can take you to your office or to school in usually less than half an hour with fair traffic. The current price of one trip on the Toronto Transit Commission or TTC is $3.00 and you can buy daily, weekly, and monthly passes. This line runs from Scarborough to North York to Etobicoke.

When you're living in Toronto there might be times when you need to go somewhere else in the GTA that is out of bounds for the TTC. This is when people generally turn to the GO Transit system. This is a series of buses and trains that daily take people living in the GTA to their office or workplace and can take people out of the city to a number of surrounding areas. If you're wondering how much your trip on GO will cost than you can use the fare calculator located on their website.

People throughout the world are making more of an effort to be green and reduce their dependency on things like vehicles that run on oil. Currently, almost two percent of the people living in Toronto cycle to work or school as their main source of transportation. This is a thirty percent increase from the previous census results and might indicate that in years to come you will see more people on their way to the bank or an appointment on a bike. The City of Toronto even offers a cycling map to help you plan out your route.

If you do need to use a car there are several major transportation routes that will help you get around the city. You will find that if going to downtown a taxi cab or an Uber driver will usually take the 404 or the 403 depending on where they start in the GTA. The 401 goes along the north of Toronto and the 407 is a toll highway that can take you through Markham and other bedroom communities.

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