When you're searching for an agent you want to make sure that you choose to work with someone who has experience in the neighborhood where you're selling but also with the kind of property that you're putting on the market. This is why so many real estate agents are not choosing to specialize in just working with condos and lofts. This is a different sort of home than a standalone property and requires a separate skill set. So, if you're selling or buying a condo you should consider working with one of these professionals.

The first thing that's different with a condo is that while you own the space inside your unit, you do not own all of the common spaces and need to answer to a condo association before making some changes. There are different levels of condo associations. Some have very strict about the sort of people who are allowed to buy those condos and others might just require you to inform them before you put your home on the market and start setting up showings.

When you're buying a condo you're also going to need to deal with the element of condo fees. Every building has their own set of amenities and common spaces and with those additions come more costs to the owners. If you're working with an agent that is used to selling real estate in a condo building than they will be able to tell you or potential buyers where their money is going when paying these fees and how this might mean that a condo owner is saving money over living in a single-family dwelling.

There are many people in Toronto that purchase condo units as income properties and offer them out as rentals. There are also several developers who rent out units instead of selling them. If you're looking for a condo rental and want to know about the latest listings the second they hit the market than you might want to consider working with an agent instead of just looking through standard rental sites. If you're working with an agent as an owner you might be able to find a renter who is willing to pay a little more.

There are different kinds of people that are generally looking for a downtown condo or loft as opposed to a home in places like Markham or Etobicoke. By getting an agent who's used to working with these sort of people, they will know how to best market your home. They might play up that you can get from your office and back home again in a matter of minutes. Or they might be able to help you stage your home so that it doesn't appeal to just those with the most modern design tastes.

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